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This project is carried out by the Faculty of Management and Economics of Services of the University of Szczecin. The backbone of the centre operation consists of advanced infrastructural facilities created with the aid of the Regional Operational Programme for Zachodniopomorskie 2007-2013. The total cost of the project is 68 million PLN. The project was carried out in 2010-2013. You are most welcome to participate in the implemented initiatives.

SERVICE INTER-LAB, a centre for the transfer of knowledge and innovation for service sector combines the functions of a scientific unit, educational institution, research and development centre, knowledge and technology transfer centre, business incubator and a business environment institution. The mission of SERVICE INTER-LAB is to augment education, research and business for the development of the sector of services, for the exchange of knowledge and to promote sustainable development and establish strong links between education, research and business.

The SERVICE INTER-LAB centre provides access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and to the most current knowledge. The main objective of the centre is to invest in human capital. The aim of the centre is to provide assistance to entrepreneurs, to provide students with hands-on experience and to offer academics favourable conditions to create new knowledge.

The project complements the Krakowska-Cukrowa campus of the University of Szczecin, located on the outskirts of Szczecin at one of the main thoroughfares of the city. The immediate proximity of the faculty of Management and Economics of Services and the faculty of Humanities is the key which allows for a comprehensive integration of the scientific and educational activities carried out at the University.


The Centre for Research and Innovation consists of advanced, interactive environments bringing together research and analytical facilities. This will allow to carry out scientific research that aim to develop the service sector and to create up-to-date knowledge in the modern socio-economic reality. The entire project will be assisted by specialised and experienced research teams that carry out sophisticated and long-term research and development activities in the fields of economics, management, finance, banking, logistics, tourism, innovation efficiency and in many others.

The Centre for Research and Innovation provides access to state-of-the-art research facilities, designed following the latest standards and allowing to carry out multi-stage research and development projects. The planned established infrastructural environment will include a call centre and a focus workshop. The Call Centre will allow to conduct quantitative telephone interviews, and the available tablets and PDAs will create opportunities for effective implementation of field research. The focus workshop is planned to be equipped with facilities for tracking eye movement via specialised equipment and the software for monitoring eye movements and stare intensity. All facilities will be equipped with a monitoring system (consisting of a camera and directional microphones that will allow to directly observe the viewing room equipped with a large one-way mirror), as well as with the hardware and software for recording and analysing focus in-depth interviews.


A complex of seminar and conference rooms, and specialised educational laboratories equipped with hardware and software allowing fast data transfer, easy communication and multidirectional exchange of knowledge between science and business.

The Centre for Business Education includes multi-purpose multimedia rooms, service laboratories that provide assistance in educational programs, meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. These allow to disseminate the research results, and enable multilateral exchange of knowledge. Modern computer labs and mobile rooms for early education allow to observe the patterns of financial, purchasing and strategic behaviour among young users, thus shaping their economic habits.

The Infrastructure of the Centre for Business Education includes the following:

  • specialised equipment (a display with stock market indices, ATM, and other devices used at financial institutions, information boards, RFID tags and readers, barcode readers, RFID printers)
  • state-of-the-art software (including software for warehouse management, software for managing logistics processes, software for transport management (including maritime, multimodal and public transport), software for managing public administration, software for managing innovation processes in companies, software for financial analysis and risk analysis, software for managing customer relationships, software for managing online business, simulation games, etc.)
  • projector sets
  • video conference sets
  • sets of teaching aids for children and youth



The purpose of the Centre for Entrepreneurship is to assist in the creation of new businesses. It is supported by the Academic Business Incubator team.


The Centre for Entrepreneurship includes open-space areas and facilities, which, together with their dedicated mobile equipment and infrastructure act as an open and commonly accessible environment for work and to carry out business meetings. A convenient online system can be used to book the facilities, to
grant permissions and to set time limits in order to increase the effectiveness of use and to provide accessibility for everyone concerned.

The infrastructure of the Centre for Entrepreneurship includes state-of-the-art computers with specialised software and interactive presentation equipment. The Centre for Entrepreneurship also provides access to a complex of test and education laboratories, to specialised knowledge bases and meeting rooms (including virtual meetings).



The Managerial Information Centre provides access to the most current specialised knowledge necessary to carry out intensive research, development and implementation activities for solutions that promote innovation among business entities.

The Managerial Information Centre includes an open, multimedia reading room with sites for individual work, computer terminals, study sites that allow to connect own computer equipment, reading sites and multimedia kiosks. The reading room will employ the RFID technology allowing for efficient, automatic lending and return of books.

The equipment of the Managerial Information Centre allows the access to the up-to-date interactive databases (among others on finances, economy, statistics and logistics). Teamwork rooms fully integrated with the databases will create unique conditions for creative intellectual effort.

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